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How can I limit the visible options in an HTML dropdown?

How can I limit the number of shown options in an HTML drop down?

How can I get the browser to show only the first five options and scroll down for the rest?

Thank you ! Unfortunately, the size attribute is not what I was looking for because it makes all x options visible. I was trying to avoid javascript for such a little but annoying problem. However, it seems I have no other choice.

yup. I’ve personally never seen it as a problem, as all

i'll never understand how the browser makers are off building WebComponents and whatnot and they can'我们详细解释这 2 Options 工作 t seem to work out something as simple as this. has any developer ever said 'hmm i'd like to limit the number of elements shown in my select dropdown. that ugly list-y thing will do just fine !'

@Petrov: well, what’s the pressing need for web page authors to control the display of a drop-down list so precisely? Can’t the operating system do a fine job of working it out?

The drop-down list can often be too long and makes the list completely unwieldy. And in some cases gets truncated by the visible screen because it doesn't do it right.

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You can 我们详细解释这 2 Options 工作 try this

It worked for me

This does all the resizing correctly, but it crashes IE 11 when selecting a value. Blur works find. Chrome works fine. Any ideas?

You can use the size attribute to make the appear as a box instead of a dropdown. The number you use in the size attribute defines how many options are visible in the box without scrolling.

You can’t apply this to a and have it still appear as a drop-down list though. The browser/operating system will decide how many options should be displayed for drop-down lists, unless you use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a fake dropdown list.

Raj_89 solution is the closest to being valid option altough as mentioned by Kevin Swarts in comment it is going to break IE, which for large number of corporate client is an issue (and telling your client that you won't code for IE "because reasons" is unlikely to make your boss happy ;) ).

So I played around with it and here is the problem: the 'onmousedown' event is throwing a fit in IE, so what we want to do, is to prevent default when user clicks the dropdown for the first time. It is important this is only 我们详细解释这 2 Options 工作 time we do this: if we prevent defult on the next click, when user makes his pick, the onchange event won't fire.

This way we get nice dropdown, no flicker, no breaking down IE - just works. well at least in IE10 and up, and latest relases of all the other major browsers.

Few more things to notice: 1) The absolute positioning and setting z-index is helpful to avoid moving other elements when the options 我们详细解释这 2 Options 工作 are displayed. 2) Use 'currentTarget' property - this will be the select element across all browsers. While 'target' will be select in IE, the rest will actually allow you to work with option.

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Bootstrap Form Inputs

Bootstrap supports all the HTML5 input types: text, password, datetime, datetime-local, date, month, time, week, number, email, url, search, tel, and color.

Note: Inputs will NOT be fully styled if their type is not properly declared!

The following example contains two input elements; one of type text and 我们详细解释这 2 Options 工作 one of type password:


Bootstrap Textarea

The following example contains a textarea:


Bootstrap Checkboxes

Checkboxes are used if you want the user to select any number of options from a list of preset options.

The following example contains three checkboxes. The last option is disabled:我们详细解释这 2 Options 工作


Use the .checkbox-inline class if you want the checkboxes to appear on the same line:


Bootstrap Radio Buttons

Radio buttons are used if you want to limit the user to just one selection from a list of preset options.

The following example contains three radio buttons. The first option is checked by default and the last option is disabled:


Use the .radio-inline class if you want the radio buttons to appear on the same line:


Bootstrap 我们详细解释这 2 Options 工作 Select List

Select list (select one):
Multiple select list (hold ctrl or shift (or drag with the mouse) to select more than one):

Select lists are used if you want to allow the user to pick from multiple options.

The following example contains a dropdown list (select list):


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